Wickwire Place

The services, amenities and activities are all part of our commitment to age in place living.  Preserving your independence, providing peace of mind and ensuring quality of life is a priority for our entire team.

Lifestyle Support 

Wickwire Place lifestyle support

Our trained staff can support activities of daily living as required through an individualized lifestyle support plan. Medication management is provided and we even deliver the morning newspaper to your door.


Wickwire Place Dining Room
Our team of Red Seal chefs provide the included midday meal, an elegant dining experience served by our trusted and skilled staff.  There is an abundance of local product and seasonal treats in the weekly menu.  All diet concerns, allergies, health specific restrictions, and preferences are accommodated.  An optional menu is provided.

The noon meal is provided, but for those who would like additional meals, there are options to purchase the breakfast and/or supper meals. In addition, we offer a mid-morning, complimentary coffee service in the lobby with an assortment of delightful pastries, morning fresh from our bakery


Wickwire Place seniors programs

Wickwire Place offers a range of recreation programs that energize, stimulate and provide social interaction within our community.  There are musical groups, daily fitness, guest speakers and a variety of daily programs to interest everyone.   Tenant Committee meetings are held monthly so we can be certain that our programs meet the needs and interests of our tenants.


Wickwire Place Maintenance

Building maintenance and assistance required by our tenants is arranged through the Manager and provided by our on-site maintenance department.

Hair Salon

Wickwire Place hair styling

Look stylish and well-groomed in the utmost convenience! Our hair salon is located on the main level and staffed by a licensed hairstylist.

Emergency power generator

Wickwire Place Backup Power Generator

Power failures can occur at any time and last from a few minutes to a few days, depending on the cause of the blackout.  Having an emergency power backup generator prevents the inconvenience of a power loss. This is especially important to Wickwire Place, where our tenants have a variety of needs, from basic warmth and a well-lit building to crucial needs such as oxygen dependability.

Our Values

Compassion: we value a caring and empathetic approach, shaped by the needs and expectations of our tenants.

Collaboration and Teamwork: we value working together as a team with our tenants, their families, volunteers and our staff to promote a safe and supportive environment. We value all partnerships which further the continuity of services according to the needs of our Wickwire Place community.

Accountability: we value personal, corporate and social responsibility in the delivery of our services. We make rational, informed decisions based on evidence. We are accountable for our actions and the effective management of resources.

Wickwire Place Values