Frequently Asked Questions

Wickwire Place residents

We do our best to answer some of the many questions we’re frequently asked. Here are some of the most popular.


Q: How does the dining program work?
A: At Wickwire Place Assisted Living Residence, we prepare and serve three meals a day and our staff serve the meals in an elegant dining room. The daily noon meal is provided, including an entrée, main course and dessert. The option is available to purchase breakfast and supper meals, either individually or with a monthly plan.


Q: Are there restrictions on visiting hours?
A: As this is your home, visitors are welcome.  For your safety, the main doors are locked in the evening hours until 6 AM the next morning and a keypad, located inside the main door, will allow you — or your visitor — to gain access through a numerical code.  A security camera in the vestibule allows you to see who is calling.


Q: Can I bring my own furniture?
A: Yes, this is your home! We encourage you to design your apartment to be as comfortable and familiar as possible.


Q: What type of lease do I sign?
A: The lease is a month to month lease.


Q: Do you offer short term stays?
A: Wickwire Place has 3 fully furnished apartments.  A short term or respite stay is a convenient option when planned or unforeseen circumstances occur such as a family vacation or recovery from an illness.  Respite guests can receive support during these times.  It can also serve as a great opportunity to try out life at Wickwire Place.


Q: Are pets allowed at Wickwire Place?
A: Check with our on-site Manager, Denise Snyder, about your pets.


Q: Do you permit scooters?
A: Our on-site Manager, Denise Snyder, would be pleased to talk about scooters.


Q: Can my family stay here when they come to visit on vacation?
A: Guests are welcome with certain limitations. Talk to the on-site Manager, Denise Snyder, about guest accommodations at Wickwire Place.

Our Values

Compassion: we value a caring and empathetic approach, shaped by the needs and expectations of our tenants.

Collaboration and Teamwork: we value working together as a team with our tenants, their families, volunteers and our staff to promote a safe and supportive environment. We value all partnerships which further the continuity of services according to the needs of our Wickwire Place community.

Accountability: we value personal, corporate and social responsibility in the delivery of our services. We make rational, informed decisions based on evidence. We are accountable for our actions and the effective management of resources.

Wickwire Place Values