About Wickwire Place

About Us

Wickwire Place Assisted Living Residence is a family business owned and operated by President and CEO Paul A. MacDonald. Paul and his experienced, dedicated team have been providing superior quality of life care and housing for seniors for over two decades at Wickwire place, the Wolfville Nursing Home, and Wolfville Elms.

Established in 2008, Wickwire Place Assisted Living Residence invites you into a warm, caring community-like environment! From the privacy of your own apartment you can enjoy programs that interest you, you can enjoy the company of others, but still have dependable staff on duty twenty four hours a day. Local businesses, such as grocery and pharmacy deliver to your door.  Retirement is a time for seniors to embrace all that life has to offer and our community is the perfect place to do this.

Denise Snyder, Wickwire Place Manager
Denise Snyder, Wickwire Place Manager

Our Values

Compassion: we value a caring and empathetic approach, shaped by the needs and expectations of our tenants.

Collaboration and Teamwork: we value working together as a team with our tenants, their families, volunteers and our staff to promote a safe and supportive environment. We value all partnerships which further the continuity of services according to the needs of our Wickwire Place community.

Accountability: we value personal, corporate and social responsibility in the delivery of our services. We make rational, informed decisions based on evidence. We are accountable for our actions and the effective management of resources.

Wickwire Place Values